direct store delivery

Flavors, freshness and quality that your customers love.

Our promise

We source fresh, high-quality ingredients, create amazing and delicious ice creams, and strive to delight all of our customers with irresistible products and outstanding service.

our Services

There are many steps between farm to table that contribute to high quality food products. Every action taken by our dedicated team of experts ensures and protects the freshness and quality of our ice creams and frozen treats.


To protect the delicious taste and creamy texture, ice cream should be stored at -20 degrees F.

Our trucks

Our trucks maintain a sub-zero environment to ensure Pierre’s products are kept at the coldest possible temperatures from the day we make them until the day they are delivered.

Questions about Direct store delivery?

For additional information, contact us at 800-206-9797 ext. 141 or
email us at

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