5 Ice Cream Pairings for Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we reflect on what matters most: family, friends, health and happiness. We’d be lying, however, if we didn’t tell you that we daydream about pumpkin pie the weeks (and days and hours and minutes…) leading up to Turkey Day.

Who doesn’t? There’s just something about the creamy richness of a home baked pumpkin pie. It’s delicious on its own, of course, but we prefer it à la mode (hard to believe, we know).

Here are five ice cream flavors to partner with your pumpkin pie this year:

French Vanilla Ice Cream

Pierre’s award-winning French Vanilla Ice Cream, with its rich vanilla flavor, is a wonderful match for spicy pumpkin pie. The fact that we only use the world’s finest vanilla extracts means you’ll be serving up a Thanksgiving dessert of global proportions.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is anything but, well, vanilla. In fact, in every scoop you see specks of real vanilla beans! Choose this flavor to enjoy a new spin on classic vanilla à la mode.


Cinnamon Ice Cream

While we’re on the subject of substituting other flavors for vanilla, you might want to spice up you’re à la mode game with Cinnamon Ice Cream – one of our limited edition flavors that, like the holidays, will be gone before you know it. Stock up on a couple of cartons and try it with apple pie, pumpkin roll and spice cake, too.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Can’t get enough pumpkin? Then our Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is for you. This flavor tastes so much like the real thing, you could skip baking a pie this year altogether. What a refreshing way to cap off your Thanksgiving celebration!

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