Enjoy a round of floats

A creamy, fizzy ice cream float or soda is an easy-to-make treat. Like a homemade ice cream sundae, the combinations of flavors are almost endless with the right amount of child-like inventiveness.

While most people are familiar with the classics, root beer floats and Boston coolers (ginger ale and vanilla ice cream), the array of soda pop flavors available today allow for some delicious combinations. Here are some new combinations we came up with on our own. Be sure to check out other float ideas we’ve shared in the past blog.

Cherry Lemon Lime Float

Lemon-lime soda poured over Pierre’s Premium Cherry Lemon Sherbet is a cool, refreshing blend of tart and sweet.

Cherry Cordial Float

Inspired by the candy version of chocolate-covered cherries, combine cherry pop with Pierre’s Premium Chocolate Ice Cream.

Ginger Ale and Mango Float

The alcohol-free version of our Pierre-tini mixed drink, this float features ginger ale and Pierre’s Mango Sorbet. It’s also a great dairy-free option to traditional floats.

Cream Soda & Coffee

Pierre’s creamy Premium Coffee Ice Cream recipe is a perfect companion with vanilla cream soda.

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