Better for you … not boring

The new year is a popular time to reset our wellness habits. Better-for-you choices don’t always mean giving up your favorite frozen treat. Simple changes allow us to still enjoy a reward every now and then without upsetting our goals.

What’s your flavor?

Pierre’s really does have a flavor for you … and not just ice cream! Pierre’s offers many better-for-you options, from delicious frozen yogurt, no sugar added reduced fat ice cream, light ice cream and sherbet to naturally fat free, dairy free sorbet!


You can also enjoy ice cream from time to time without the guilt by making simple changes. The reference serving of ice cream is a 2/3 cup. Use a smaller ice cream dish or teacup to avoid the temptation to fill up a large bowl. Be sure to check nutrition panels on the side of the container when deciding on a flavor to enjoy … and how much to enjoy!

Use fresh toppings

Hot fudge sure tastes great … but fresh fruit and plain nuts are just as delicious, and better for you. Start with one 2/3 cup serving of Pierre’s Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and load up with fresh berries, coconut, almonds, apples, pineapple, ground cinnamon, walnuts, etc.

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