A most delicious Pierre’s Ice Cream Survival Kit for any World Series situation

After reading the stories about Cleveland manager Terry Francona’s late night ice cream snack while in Chicago before game 5 of the World Series got us thinking … with all this suspense … we could all enjoy a smile!

With the series moving back to Cleveland, it’s exciting to think how much fun we’ve had along the way! As a proud Cleveland Company, and the Official Ice Cream of the Cleveland Indians, we wanted to do our part to help Mr. Francona and the team on to victory in game 6! We put together a special package ready to help him and the Tribe through to the end. As with all Pierre’s Ice Cream … and watching the World Series … it’s best enjoyed with friends. Let’s all #RallyTogether and cheer our team to a World Championship!

With that in mind, here are our suggested flavors to help fans at home create and enjoy the perfect Pierre’s World Series Survival Kit:

Premium French Vanilla: An old reliable that can’t go wrong. It’s been through all the highs and lows and was even around when the Indians won the World Series in 1948!

Signature Mocha Mud Pie: For those time when we’re thinking, “We could use grand slam right now” … coffee ice cream, chocolate ice cream, cookie fudge swirl and chocolate cream cookies. Best served over the middle of the plate.

Premium Campfire Toasted S’mores: Ideal for a “fall classic”. It’s hard not to enjoy s’mores on a cool autumn night.

Signature Speculoos Cookie Butter: Need a quick pinch hitter? It’s vanilla ice cream with speculoos cookies and a speculoos cookie butter swirl. One scoop and you’re good to go.

Smooth Churned Waffle Cone Sundae: An an instant sundae so you won’t miss an inning of the action!

Premium Black Raspberry Chip: A delicious double: raspberry ice cream with chocolaty chips.

Mango Sorbet: A taste of sunshine, excellent by itself or for sodas to sip on during the game.

Premium Strawberry Cheesecake: This triple features cheesecake ice cream with cinnamon pie crust pieces and a strawberry swirl. A good ice cream cone flavor … that allows your other hand to remain free for the scorebook.

Premium Chocolate: For when all you need is a clutch hit.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink®: For when you have to do what needs to be done to win it all.

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