Don’t forget the ice cream this Valentine’s Day

You booked dinner reservations, picked out a card and maybe even splurged on a bouquet of flowers … just don’t forget the ice cream!

Your sweetie surely has a favorite flavor. Do you remember? If not, may we recommend Double Fudge Brownie or Cherries and Chocolate Chunks?

That ice cream shop you hung out at while you were dating … was it ice cream sodas you ordered? Or was it milkshakes? Or was it a double scoop with sprinkles?

A quiet night together at home is always hard to come by. Perhaps it’s finally time to clear off the dining room table … dig out the candles, cloth napkins and the fancy plates. Not a cook? Order in and, while you wait for the delivery … prepare a plate of easy-to-make Cupid Cake for dessert.

Too formal? Chilling and watching movies while sharing a large bowl of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream loaded with sundae toppings sounds pretty great too.

However you celebrate, we hope you enjoy a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day filled with love!

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