Easy Four-Ingredient Cinnamon-Apple Tarts

Apples – the bounty of the fall harvest – are a staple of seasonal recipes. From pies and dumplings to crisps and cobblers, there are many ways to enjoy apples of all tastes, textures and colors.

That’s why we came up with the idea for these four-ingredient cinnamon-apple tarts. Simple but delicious, this is our go-to recipe when we need a quick dessert. They are very easy to make but look elegant enough to serve at a dinner party. These tempting tarts offer a perfect fall-themed dessert.


Remove ice cream from freezer and place on counter to soften.

Dice two medium apples and place in microwave-safe bowl. Add a bit of water to steam and a few sprinkles of ground cinnamon. Cook two minutes, or until apples are soft.

Place one small scoop of ice cream in each of the graham crusts, pressing down to make a well. Return crusts to freezer to harden. If planning to prepare crusts ahead of time, cover with plastic wrap to preserve freshness.

Once apples have cooled down a little, remove crusts from freezer and begin to fill. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and serve immediately.

Just for fun, top with whipped cream or caramel sauce!

Looking for something else to pair with our French Vanilla Ice Cream? Try drizzling warm, homemade applesauce over a scoop. It works great with Butter Pecan Ice Cream, too!

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