Graduation parties made easy with ice cream

It’s cap-and-gown season! If you’re planning a party for your graduate, you know how challenging it can be to prepare a menu, stage the seating, decorate – and still have time to catch your breath and enjoy the festivities.

Consider Pierre’s your party planner. We’ll help make things simple – and so, so delicious – at your graduation gathering by enlisting the help of ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet and novelties.

Set Up a Sundae Bar

Let guests assemble their own unique creations. Serve a sampling of ice cream flavors – French Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry are perfect sundae-starters! Place bowls of your favorite toppings next to plastic cups and spoons, and let the dessert portion of the party manage itself! Get more tips for building the perfect sundae bar.

Serve Ice Cream Cakes and Pies

There’s no need to turn on the oven when it’s warm outside; whip up ice cream versions of your favorite cakes and pies instead. Simply spread layers of different ice cream flavors in a 9×13 pan, spring form pan or other serving dish, frost with light whipped topping and serve. Best of all, most ice cream cakes and pies can be prepared well ahead of time.spirit-of-america

Get creative with your combinations. We love to fill a store-bought chocolate cookie-crumb crust with Black Cherries & Chocolate Chunks Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt and drizzle it with yummy chocolate syrup. Or, try this recipe for All-American Ice Cream Pie using Pierre’s Spirit of America® Premium Ice Cream and fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Make Your Own Sundae Cups

Make a signature ice cream dessert in honor of your proud graduate. Find out his or her favorite flavors and make a batch of miniature sundaes using small serving bowls. Simply line up the bowls, fill each with a scoop or two of ice cream and toppings and voila! These treats look great, are easy to make and highlight the star of the party.

Build a Buffet of Ice Cream Novelties

For an even easier spin on setting up a sundae bar, simply fill serving bowls or dishes with ice and offer your guests a range of sundae cones, fudge pops, fruit pops, cream pops, ice cream sandwiches and more. Find out more reasons why you should stock up on ice cream novelties this summer.

Staff a Smoothie Station

For a fun spin on dessert, enlist the help of a trusted family member to be in charge of the blender. Provide cups and straws, and guests will select ingredients from serve-yourself bowls of fresh fruit – we suggest various berries, bananas and peaches. Your blender captain will mix each guest’s cup of fruit with ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet for easy, sippable goodness.

You can even make ice cream cocktails – for the guests ages 21 and over only, of course.

Bonus Tip: Try our perfect sherbet party punch recipe!

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