Pierre’s and Cleveland Metroparks Announce Emerald Necklace Premium Ice Cream

A most majestic setting surrounds Northeast Ohio…a treasure so beautiful and magical, it is called the Emerald Necklace. The Emerald Necklace is Cleveland Metroparks breathtaking network of parks, beaches, trails, picnic and fishing areas, golf courses and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Pierre’s Ice Cream Company chose to celebrate and promote the beauty of this regional gem with a unique flavor creation called Emerald Necklace Premium Ice Cream.EMERALD NECKLACE FRONT

Pierre’s new Emerald Necklace features mint ice cream, chocolate cream cookies and trails of thick fudge. Emerald Necklace Ice Cream not only tastes delicious, but will benefit Cleveland Metroparks Trails Fund.

Pierre’s is proud of its Cleveland heritage and is eager to salute all of the great work performed over the past 97 years by Cleveland Metroparks Park Board, employees and volunteers. This flavor will not only help share the story of this natural treasure, but gives Clevelanders the chance to boast about one of their finest attractions.

COPLOGO(1)Pierre’s has an over 80-year tradition of scooping up smiles with its unique and tasty premium ice creams. “Pierre’s and Cleveland Metroparks share similar traditions with Northeast Ohioans. Both evoke fond memories, celebrations and fun times with family and friends, and we hope the new Emerald Necklace Ice Cream will encourage more of those special moments,” explains Pierre’s president, Shelley Roth.

Enjoy atop a crunchy cone or try one of these delicious recipes.

Pierre’s Emerald Necklace Premium Ice Cream is packaged in red 1.5 quart containers featuring eye-catching graphics. Emerald Necklace Ice Cream can be found in most stores where Pierre’s is sold.

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