Pierre’s Ice Cream Company Pays Tribute to 37-Year Employee, Names New Flavor After Him

Cleveland, OH – January 12, 2011 – It’s hard to imagine the number of scoops of Pierre’s Ice Cream Ray Kralik has helped make over his 37 years with the Cleveland-based ice cream manufacturer. Now some of those scoops will bear his name.

Inspired by Kralik’s passion and years of service, Pierre’s named Ray’s Root Beer Float in his honor. Combining the old-fashioned taste of root beer with Pierre’s signature vanilla recipe, it is available now in select Northeast Ohio stores where Pierre’s Smooth Churned flavors are sold.

Kralik is responsible for making sure each flavor is properly mixed and formulated. Since he joined Pierre’s in 1973, he has mastered the art of producing high quality ice cream products. His love for ice cream carried over in suggesting new flavors. Root beer float was his favorite.

“When we as a team decided to go forward with a root beer float flavor, we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to name it after Ray considering he was always suggesting it,'” said Pierre’s President Shelley Roth. “Ray’s dedication, experience and leadership have been important in developing Pierre’s reputation for great taste and quality. A flavor in his name would be our special way of honoring him.”

Thanks to the creativity of a select group within the company, Pierre’s kept Ray’s Root Beer Float a secret for months until the plant’s holiday luncheon in December. Kralik received the news in the company of his fellow factory employees.

“I was surprised,” said Kralik. “It’s an honor the company would recognize me in that way. Root Beer Float is such a great flavor. Vanilla and root beer complement each other very well.”

The new flavor kicks off a significant year in Pierre’s history with the company’s new 35,000 square-foot ice cream factory scheduled to begin operation this spring.

Pierre’s Ice Cream Company is a leader in the production and distribution of gourmet ice creams, sherbet, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and frozen novelties. Over 235 products and flavors share the Pierre’s name. The company is privately owned and operated with its headquarter office and production plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Pierre’s has over 75 years of tradition and commitment to the highest quality standards, outstanding service and industry leadership. For more information about Pierre’s, visit www.pierres.com.

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