Pierre’s Ice Cream is Made for Apple Season

The feeling of fall is all around … from hayrides and harvest festivals to the changing of the leaves and the sweet smell of fresh apples at the local apple farm.

Apples have been around since the beginning of time, and it’s no surprise why. They’re delicious and easy to eat whether enjoyed just picked off the tree or prepared in a favorite dessert. Apples have inspired a wide variety of favorite desserts, from caramelized apples, apple cake, apple crisp, apple dumplings, apple fritters, apple streusel, apple strudel and … of course, America’s favorite … apple pie.

We love apple pie … especially apple pie a la Pierre’s Ice Cream! And just as there are many varieties of apples to make into apple pie, there are just as many Pierre’s flavor combinations that go great with pie. There are so many possibilities. Feel free to try them all!

Apple Pie a la Pierre’s French Vanilla:

A classic all-American dessert is deserving of a classic premium ice cream flavor. Pierre’s famous French Vanilla Premium Ice Cream is made with the world’s finest vanilla extracts blended to create its signature vanilla custard taste that is a delicious complement to just about any pie. For those seeking all the indulgence with a little less fat, Pierre’s Smooth Churned Light French Vanilla Ice Cream is a delicious alternative.

Apple Pie a la Pierre’s Cinnamon Premium Ice Cream:

Everyone knows apples are freshest in the fall. Pair it then with thCinnamon_cartone taste of one of Pierre’s popular fall seasonal flavors, Pierre’s Cinnamon Premium Ice Cream. We use the perfect amount of fresh ground cinnamon for a delightful ice cream flavor that puts the “ahhh” in a la mode!

Apple Pie a la Pierre’s Butter Pecan:

Pierre’s irresistible Butter Pecan Premium Ice Cream recipe uses fresh-roasted, buttery pecans for a taste you can’t resist and is a solid, savory companion to apple pie’s sweet cinnamon-y taste. For less fat, enjoy it with a scoop of Pierre’s Butter Pecan Yovation Probiotic Frozen Yogurt. For a little less sugar, Pierre’s Slender® No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Butter Pecan Ice Cream is a perfect alternative.

Apple Pie a la Pierre’s Coffee Premium Ice Cream:

Is coffee your flavor? Be bold and pair your warm slice of apple pie with Pierre’s delightfully rich and creamy Coffee Premium Ice Cream. For less fat and fewer calories, enjoy your pie with a taste of sophistication and add a scoop of Pierre’s Yovation Cappuccino Probiotic Frozen Yogurt.

Apple Pie a la Lactose Free: Lactose-sensitive pie lovers need not pass on their favorite pie a la mode thanks to the creation of Pierre’s Lactose Free Vanilla Premium Ice Cream. Made with the world’s finest vanilla extracts blended to create the VERY BEST tasting vanilla … lactose free.

Apple Pie a la Nun Better® Snickerdoodle: Pair your slice of pie with a scoop of heaven! Pierre’s Signature Nun Better® Snickerdoodle Ultimate Ice Cream is pure indulgence: Caramel Ice Cream with cinnamon Snickerdoodle Cookies and a rich caramel swirl.

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