Pierre’s Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe

Try our cool take on a staple Mardi Gras dessert to celebrate Low Fat Tuesday with your family.

The classic Louisiana-style King Cake recipe calls for a bread-like dough stuffed with a nut filling and topped with white icing and colored sugar. For our better‐for‐you Pierre’s Ice Cream King Cake, choose one or more flavors of Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream, Slender® No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream or Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt.

For a taste that’s similar to a traditional King Cake, try using the Vanilla or Butter Pecan version of any of those varieties – or get creative and go for something different, like Waffle Cone Sundae. Better, yet, add all three flavors into the mix!


  • Pierre’s Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream or Slender® No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream or Pierre’s Yovation Probiotic Frozen Yogurt (your favorite flavors)
  • Dried fruit, nuts

First, remove the ice cream from the freezer and let soften for about 5‐10 minutes at room temperature. Don’t thaw for too long, or the ice cream will crystallize when refrozen. Coat the inside of a Bundt cake pan or mold with non‐stick cooking spray, or line with plastic wrap. Scoop the ice cream into the pan. If you are using more than one ice cream flavor, add a layer of each until the pan is full. Place the pan in the freezer 30‐60 minutes to harden.

Remove the pan from the freezer. Set upside down on a serving dish for a few minutes … long enough so the cake slides out easily. You can also use a knife or rubber spatula around the edges. You can “frost” the cake with nonfat or light whipped topping, slice as is or decorate with chopped nuts and dried fruit.

Just for fun: In traditional King Cake, the most famous ingredient is a small plastic figure of a baby. The person who gets the slice with the baby in it is said to receive good luck … although some say it means that the person will have to make a King Cake for next year’s Mardi Gras party! If you choose to go all out, place the baby figurine – available at most craft stores – somewhere among the layers of ice cream.

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