Serve Up Some Backyard Family Fun This Summer

Summer is here! Time to get outside, enjoy the weather and make some memories. We put together a list of our favorite backyard activities and the perfect Pierre’s treat to share with the fun. Let us know your ideas!

Family Picnic

Move dinner out of the living room and onto the deck, to the picnic table under the oak tree or a blanket in the shade. Barbecue, corn on the cob and ice cream … we recommend Pierre’s Ice Cream Cups. So cute … and perfectly portioned in a 3 fluid ounce cup! We offer them in bags of 12 in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, enough for your whole family. For extra fun, empty a cup onto a plate and add sprinkles and syrup!

Backyard Ballgame

Sports channels are running a lot of classic ballgames on TV. But some of our favorite classics took place in our own backyard stadiums with nothing more than a whiffle ball and bat! The best part of having your own backyard ballpark is that you can make up your own ground rules no matter the players … ghost runners, pitcher’s poison, automatic outs, etc. Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite walk-on music. After the game, relive the highlights while sharing a Pierre’s 30 Pack Assorted Novelty Box. There’s something for everyone!

Gather ‘Round the Campfire

Summer evenings around the campfire are always fun. Gaze at the stars and enjoy some ‘Smores … Pierre’s style. Serve scoops of Campfire Toasted ‘Smores Ice Cream atop ice cream cones or sandwich a serving between a pair of graham crackers.

Pitch a Tent

Pop a tent on the lawn, break out the flashlights and share some stories, sing songs or tell jokes over sundaes made with your favorite Pierre’s Ice Cream flavor!

Ice Cream Floats

Ice cream floats are the perfect way to cool down during a warm summer afternoon. Coke float or root beer float? Rainbow Sherbet and lime soda? How about orange pop and Vanilla Ice Cream … or a Brown Cow made with root beer and Chocolate Ice Cream? The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!

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