Something sweet for mom

Moms are so amazing. So why not do something amazingly sweet in return this Mother’s Day? Just don’t forget her favorite ice cream flavor!

We’ve got a favorite for every mom … stepmoms, Godmoms, moms-in-law, dad moms, dog moms, cat moms and moms-at-heart.

Maybe she enjoys ice cream sundaes made with Pierre’s famous French Vanilla Ice Cream. Make her favorite strawberry shortcake recipe topped with Strawberry Ice Cream and fresh berries. A chocolate lover? How about chocolate cake with a side of Extreme Moose Tracks or Emerald Cookies and Fudge?

Make mom feel like a kid again and make this delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Layer Cake recipe using Pierre’s Ice Cream Sandwiches:


2 – 10-pack boxes of Pierre’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, Vanilla or Chocolate;
2 – 12 oz jars of hot fudge, slightly warm;
1 – can of whipped cream;
1 – container of sprinkles or candy confetti.

Warm the hot fudge according to the instructions. Not so warm that it will melt the ice cream, but just enough so it’s spreadable. Unwrap the ice cream sandwiches and arrange them to create a bottom layer inside a standard 9” x 13” baking pan or casserole dish. Spoon out and evenly spread a layer of hot fudge over the sandwiches. Arrange a second layer of ice cream sandwiches atop the fudge. Grab the hot fudge and spread to cover the second layer of sandwiches. Cover and freeze until ready to serve. Cut into desired serving sizes and top with the whipped cream and sprinkles.

Happy Mother’s Day to us all!

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