Turn any day into a Sundae FunDay

The ice cream sundae has a long and delicious history. They’re easy to make and fully customizable. It’s no wonder this treat has withstood the test of time.

One of the most popular ice cream sundaes is the Tin Roof Sundae! One legend has it that this classic recipe dates back to 1916 in Potter, Nebraska at the Potter Drug Company. The owner’s son is said to have invented the treat, which got its name either from the tin ceiling of the store or the stable across the street. You can still visit the store (now called Potter Sundry), not that you have to plan a trip to Nebraska to enjoy one of these delicious sundaes when you can make it in your own kitchen.

To make a Tin Roof Sundae, simply start with a tall sundae dish. Place a small scoop of Pierre’s Classic Vanilla Ice Cream inside. Drizzle a layer of hot fudge sauce and top with some Spanish peanuts. Add another scoop, more fudge, and more peanuts…why stop there? Add one more layer of each, and now you have a Tin Roof Sundae!

Watch us make one on Pierre’s YouTube channel.

Another delicious sundae creation is Pierre’s Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream topped with caramel sauce and pretzels. The crumbles from the end of the pretzel bag work great. Or, you can just break some up on top.

Do you prefer fruit? Try Pierre’s Strawberry Ice Cream topped with your favorite assorted berries, bananas and whipped cream!

Lastly, Pierre’s Ice Cream Sandwich flavor is wonderful with mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams cereal and fudge sauce.

We’d love to see your delicious sundae creations! Share them with us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or leave comments below the video on our Pierre’s YouTube channel.

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