What Does Your Ice Cream Flavor Say About You? Pierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream Has the Answers

“If you were an ice cream, which flavor would you be?”

pierres-chocolate-lava-cakeRemember that question from The Dating Game and countless Cosmo quizzes? It seemed as if you’d get more points for choosing an “adventurous” flavor – such as Rocky Road, or our version, Everything But the Kitchen Sink® Ice Cream – instead of classic vanilla, chocolate or strawberry (although we have proven that vanilla is anything but boring).

Pierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream wasn’t around when The Dating Game first aired – we introduced it in 2012 to mark our 80th anniversary – but if it were, here’s how we think each flavor would translate to romance and relationships. Think of it as an ice cream zodiac:

Banana Fudge Chunk Ice Cream:
Fun is the name of your game. You live carefree, so much so that more conservative observers might think you have literally gone bananas! And who wouldn’t lose their mind over the perfect mix of banana ice cream, walnuts and fudge?

Cherries & Chocolate Chunks Ice Cream:
Similar to a Gemini, your sweeter side is balanced by a rich earthiness. That’s why you love the perfect balance of thick chocolate pieces and real plump and juicy cherries mixed into a delightfully sweet cherry ice cream.

Chocolate Lava Cake Ice Cream:
Some like it hot, but, baby, you’re volcanic – and saucy to boot! We think the rich chunks of chocolate cake bursting with chocolate “lava” are a sign that you love adventure (and, well, chocolate).

Coconut Fudge Almond Ice Cream:
Just like a surfer along a tropical shore, you make waves. It’s no surprise that you get swept up in the tsunami of flavor that creamy coconut ice cream, fresh almonds and fudge swirls deliver. Hang ten, dude!

Exquisite Vanilla Ice Cream:
Sophisticated and sweet, you enjoy only the finest things in life. So why settle for run-of-the-mill ice cream when you can savor the delightful, designer taste of Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract in this posh pint?

Mocha Mud Pie Ice Cream:
You are alert and awake to new possibilities. And once you taste this blend of coffee and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cream cookie pieces and a delicious chocolate swirl, you’ll realize the possibilities for delicious dessert are endless.

Nun Better™ Snickerdoodle Ice Cream:
You are an original who bucks convention – a one-of a kind sensation who wows over everyone you meet. Just like this flavor. After all, “cookie dough ice cream” doesn’t always have to be of the chocolate chip variety. Instead, you mix things up with heavenly sweet caramel ice cream, real snickerdoodle cookie pieces and a divine caramel swirl.

Looking for your ice cream soul mate? Learn more about Pierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream.

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