Why We’re Nuts About Buckeyes

Nuts About Buckeyes is one of Pierre’s most popular flavors. It’s a tasty combination of Pierre’s Classic Vanilla Ice Cream blended with buckeye candies and swirls of creamy peanut butter.

The special candies in this flavor feature peanut butter enrobed in chocolaty coating and are made to resemble the inedible fruit of the buckeye tree, the state tree of Ohio.

Nuts About Buckeyes debuted as a seasonal Pierre’s Limited Edition flavor, but became so popular, we just had to offer it year-round. Nuts About Buckeyes turned out to be the perfect name because, well, we sure do love it!

Haven’t tried it yet? It’s a great flavor to enjoy all by itself, or atop an ice cream cone, chocolate brownie or with a slice of chocolate cake. It’s also a wonderful flavor for gameday dessert recipes.

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