Yovation® — Probiotic Frozen Yogurt That’s Better for You

yovation-vanilla-pomegranate-blueberryChoosing healthy snacks is never simple or easy. But with Pierre’s Yovation® probiotic frozen yogurt you can have your snack and enjoy it too – without all the guilt. That’s because Yovation® probiotic frozen yogurt contains the live and active cultures known as GanedenBC30® to promote digestive health. It’s a delicious way to get a boost of probiotics into your diet. Just imagine your favorite ice cream treats can now be enjoyed as a better-for-you refreshing frozen yogurt.

What the heck is GanedenBC30®?

In addition to the live and active yogurt cultures present in Yovation®, the extra boost of probiotic benefits are powered by the superior culture GanedenBC30. It overcomes the shortcomings of other commonly used probiotics in that it withstands the manufacturing process, extreme temperatures and product shelf life. It also survives the rigors of the digestive system to successfully deliver benefits in the small and large intestines.

yovation-moose-tracksWhat does Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt taste like?

Yovation® is an irresistibly smooth and creamy frozen yogurt that offers indulgent taste along with probiotic benefits. Plus, Yovation® probiotic frozen yogurt comes in seven deliciously smooth and creamy flavors you won’t usually find in other frozen probiotic yogurts (what a great reason to indulge in the chocolate fudge and peanut butter cup indulgence of Moose Tracks®!).

Pierre’s Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt Flavors include:

The premium recipe is made with the very finest ingredients. With fewer calories and fat than regular ice cream, Yovation® is a delicious, satisfying dessert when you want to have a better-for-you indulgence.

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