Ice cream to make any Valentine swoon with delight

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to tell everyone important to us just how special they truly are. A little thoughtfulness is all it takes.

As you consider your Valentine’s Day plans, we invite you to check out a special list of ice cream flavors and serving ideas we put together just for you.

Black Cherries & Chocolate Chunks: Chunks of fudge blended into delicious black cherry ice cream. Top with a chocolate cherry cordial!

Strawberry: Top a couple of scoops with your favorite hot fudge and whipped cream and garnish with sliced fresh strawberries.

Raspberry Sorbet: Cover a scoop of dairy-free Raspberry Sorbet with freshly-shaved dark chocolate.

Cupid Cake: Share this easy-to-make, three-ingredient recipe with your loved ones, featuring Pierre’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, Chocolate Premium Ice Cream and chocolate syrup.

Twin Pops: Some things are made to be shared!

To all Pierre’s Ice Cream fans, we think you’re special. Thank you for all your love!

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