Leap into something new

Happy Leap Day everyone.

Today’s the kind of day that makes us pause and reflect upon the things in life that we take for granted … or are too busy to bother with. Think about it. Today’s a BONUS day! It’s like when you pull a double-cherry out of the cherry jar to top your sundae, or when the server gives you that delightful tin cup of extra milkshake when you order one at the diner.

What would you do with an extra day?

Is there a flavor you loved so much once upon a time but haven’t had a chance to enjoy lately?  Maybe it’s Spumoni, or Butter Pecan!

Perhaps it’s a flavor you always wanted to try, like Mango Sorbet or Chocolate Monster Frozen Yogurt, but were just too set in your ways to try. Or, you spied Banana Cream Pie and so wanted to try it, but fell back on Neapolitan to please your favorite humans.

Everyone in your house loves Pierre’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, but when was the last time you got to enjoy your favorite, Sundae Cones?

Maybe it’s time you finally reach out to that person you always talk about getting together with, but never do … and meet up for ice cream sundaes!

Today is a special day … that only comes around once every four years! Make the most of it.

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