Pierre’s … made for summer

Summertime is winding its way past July and into August. Even so, there’s plenty of fun to be had, memories to make … and ice cream to enjoy!

Treat everyone to a summer sundae bar. Set out the toppings: berries, candy, cereal, cookies, fruit, nuts, sauces, syrups, whipped cream and cherries! Offer everyone their favorite sundae starters, including Pierre’s Chocolate, French Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream flavors.

Make game night extra fun with milkshakes. Simply combine milk and the ice cream. Pierre’s Classic Vanilla Ice Cream is always popular. Or, try Black Raspberry Chip, Coffee or Peaches & Cream Ice Cream. For fun, blend in syrup or other toppings, like candy bars or fresh fruit.

When the school bells finally do begin to ring, don’t feel like the fun has to come to an end. Pierre’s Premium Novelties are perfect for after school treats and a delicious reminder of all the memories made during summer vacation!

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