Share the love … with ice cream!

You’re sure to make sweet Valentine’s Day memories when you share the love … with ice cream! Enjoy a movie with homemade blended milkshakes. Cap a romantic dinner with delicious sundaes or a plate of Pierre’s Cupid Cake you made just for two.

Need more inspiration? Check out a few more ideas from Pierre’s recipe book of romance:

George Washington’s Cherry Tree:  This recipe, a runner up in Pierre’s 2016 Cuyahoga Community College Culinary Arts School Ice Cream Challenge, features a cannoli shell filled with Pierre’s Black Cherries & Chocolate Chunks, garnished with sprinkles and adorned with fresh cherries on the stem.

Ice Cream Sodas: A delicious combination of ice cream and your favorite soft drink in its simplest form, or you make your own using carbonated water and flavored syrup.

Sweetheart Ice Cream Tarts: These delightful mini ice cream pies are easy to make and easy to love!

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