A Fiesta of Flavors: Cinco de Mayo Made Simple

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Hola Fruta Mango, Pina Colada and Margarita ScoopsMake your Cinco de Mayo celebration a Fiesta of Flavor with Pierre’s, and invite ¡Hola Fruta!® Pure Fruit Sherbet to the fun. From tempting sundaes and smoothies to festive drink and cocktail recipes, it’s easy to treat your guests to the coolest margaritas ever made, or make your family smile with delicious dessert ideas.

Check out these fun, easy-to-make ¡Hola Fruta! recipes for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta:

¡Hola Fruta! Sherbet Parfait


Piña Colada

Peach Float

Cinco de Mayo fun fact: One of the world’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations is not held in Mexico, but in the United States, “The Fiesta Broadway” in Los Angeles, California!

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