Ice cream for any party

Thinking of food ideas for your next party? Be sure to include the ice cream.

Pierre’s Ice Cream was made to party! From blended drinks made with Pierre’s Sherbet and Sorbet to sundaes made from a variety of Pierre’s Ice Cream flavors and Novelties, we’ve got it.


Nothing brings smiles like creamy ice cream floats. Keep it simple with your favorite cola or root beer and Pierre’s Classic Vanilla Ice Cream.

Grab and Go

Ice cream finger food? YES! Choose from any of Pierre’s Assorted Novelties: Ice Cream Sandwiches, All American Pops, Strawberry or Chocolate Crunch Bars. Make and serve your own ice cream cookie sandwiches, or try this delicious ice cream cannoli recipe.

Ice Cream Salsa

Oh yes there is! Break out the chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips and serve with this delightful ice cream salsa recipe made with Pierre’s French Vanilla and Sea Salt Caramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream.

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